I am originally immigrated from Russia not speaking English and being the first to go college and raised by a single mom,  I found my way to Civil Engineering degree. Like a good little aerican dreamer I was lucky to get a very well paying job out of college and and worked as an enginner for two years, but i knew i needed more. Right after my two year mark at the firm i packed my bags, found a job in NYC at a Beverage start up and against the advice of most of my family and friends i moved to NYC. I was leaving a stable career for new york to work at a start up, in marketing... But i knew there was more i could almost see it on the horizon. I settled in nyc and bouced around in event marketing in the natural food and beverage sector, in the start up world. Due to a fluke of unfortunate events i found my self laid off work in 2016 and finally decided to get my yoga teacher certification. 

Since then I have gone on to begin to build my own yoga brand. Sputnik Yoga offers a variety of pop up classes throughout NYC. They are all thematic so Yoga and Cocktails, booty Yoga and Rise and Shine. All of our classes are pay what you can model, and we work with Yoga Instructors to help them with mentorship.