I am originally immigrated from Russia not speaking English and being the first to go college and raised by a single mom,  I found my way to Civil Engineering degree. Right after my two year mark at the firm i packed my bags, found a job in NYC at a Beverage start up and against the advice of most of my family and friends i moved to NYC. I was leaving a stable career for new york to work at a start up, in marketing... But i knew there was more i could almost see it on the horizon. I settled in NYC and bounced around in event marketing in the natural food and beverage sector, in the start up world. Due to a fluke of unfortunate events I found my self laid off work in 2016 and finally decided to get my yoga teacher certification. 

Since then I have gone on to begin to build my own yoga brand. Sputnik Yoga offers a variety of pop up classes throughout NYC. <3

The rest is history ! We partner with venues and brands to create one of a kind wellness experiences!

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