It's our Birthday! THANK YOU!

We're having a Birthday Party! 

Sputnik Disco Yoga X
Samsung X
Wellness Happy hour!

230 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Grab your spot on the mat <3

Thursday, March 21st
7 pm to 10 pm

We are having a birthday party! And you are invited! We have a special discount for all of you! 

In Eventbrite enter the CODE: BIRTHDAY and get 30% off your tickets!

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Read on... Excuse the typos.

 I speak two languages but writing has never been my strong suit.

As I am writing this I realize this organization has been mainly supported by phenomenal women. When we come together we can move mountains, together we can change the world. 

I started this project out of my love for wellness and fun. This past year has been a wild ride of ups and downs. I have loved meeting new people, meaning all of you! I have loved having every one of you in classes and the amazing instructors.  We have given new teachers the opportunity to teach as soon as they got out of a teacher training program. As we grow this brand we will continue to standardise our classes and make sure we are delivering the best possible product to our patrons! I know I am always positive and happy, but most people don't know, how scared I am all the time. I think this is normal of any start-up but it's so real. Nevertheless, I march on. Don't give up on trying... when you stop trying is the only time you have given up. 

To our Teachers: Thank you, Thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart! Ladies, for everything you have done.. I know all of us to have full time jobs, and being a yoga teacher in NYC is one of the hardest things. We do it because we really really love it. We know that through this practice we are training our mind, body and soul. I know we all believe that we can change lives THANK YOU!!!!

To Our Students: Every single student that has attended class. THANK YOU! We do it for you. We have created these classes and ensure that you can bring your friend to the class who is scared of yoga and they will still have a blast! We hope you have had a good time in every one of the classes you have taken. We strive to create a safe and fun environment for you. We want you to unplug from your day, from your life and take some time for you. It is incredible to have seen all of you grow in your practice.   We love getting to know every single one of you and helping you be a stronger,  better you! 

To Our Partners:
Literally, without you, this would not be possible. Massive shout out to my two faves Kellys in my life! Deep Eddy Vodka and Bang On! Ladies, your support has been everything. McCarren hotel and Laura for having my back all the freaking time. Danielle from Freehold <3 All of our venues Coco-Mat thank you for being our Monday home for almost two years. Davines Salon, City of New York, Bogart House, Recess Pop-up and so many more. All of the brands we have worked with! Samsung, Core Water, Waterloo, Dang Chips, Rx Bar, Bare Snacks, Temple, Underwood Wines, Kheils and many more! I love calling many of our brands our partners, our friends. 

Behind the Scenes: Bjorn who patiently sits in every Community class and checks people in. Every Wed... for the last two years. Amazing Elizabeth who magically appeared into my life and has elevated this brand with your gorgeous photos. Amber Valentine where did I find you <3 You are a true Disco Queen.To my very patient husband Nick, who has believed in me from day one and shoots away all my fears when I'm terrified and think I'm failing. Who has given me advice that hard to hear. Jen from MINDBODY who has been a cheerleader in my corner and all the other cheerleaders!

Here is to more years of sweating, sipping and bonding. Those three pillars make life complete or maybe just a little bit more pleasant.