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Silent Disco Yoga

and Wine


Sputnik was the first satellite into space! At Sputnik Yoga we create elevated yoga and wellness experiences through movement, sights and sounds! Go on be a Sputnik! 

We are a nomad yoga studio and offer pop up yoga events in LA and NYC. We also work closely with like minded brands and provide yoga activations for music festivals. We also offer Community Yoga, Disco Yoga and Silent Disco Yoga for the public and organizations.



We partner with leading retail spaces and take advantage of empty underused square footage. In return retail businesses benefit from partnerships through increased foot traffic and brand exposure. As well as intimate experiences with their brands and products.


We have offer a variety of classes and private events to our corporate partners. Wether you are small comapny looking for an outing for your team or looking to offer in-house services for your organization. We are committed to produce the most interactive and fun yoga and wellness experiences!


Offer curated wellness areas at music and other festivals. Stand alone yoga classes or complete wellness area curation can be offered. Past partners include New York Road Runners, Gov Ball Festival, Firefly Festival, Elements Festival



Do you work for a fun new beverage brand, or an innovative snack company, or even a clothing or skin care product. We are always looking for new brands to partner with. Our pop-up events create a perfect platform to showcase your goods.

Private Yoga Classes are offered as well on a very limited basis please email us for a rate.


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