The goal is to offer yoga 4 everyBODY! We provide a wide range of donation pop-up events in NYC and LA, we work with fun wellness brands and give opportunities for new instructors to work and spread their wings as teachers.


RETAIL POP-UPS:  We partner with leading retail spaces and take advantage of empty underused square footage. In return retail businesses benefit from partnerships through increased foot traffic and brand exposure. As well as intimate experiences with their brands and products.

WELLNESS BRANDS:  Do you work for a fun new beverage brand, or an innovative snack company, or even a clothing or skin care product. We are always looking for new brands to partner with. Our pop-up events create a perfect platform to showcase your goods.

NEW INSTRUCTORS: Being a new yoga instructor is hard and competitive, we are looking for new yoga teachers to join our growing team; give them an opportunity to grow as instructors and mentor others. 

NON-PROFIT: Do you have an amazing location or community space that is free? Is there an organization that needs yoga? We work with local charities, non-profits and city organizations to provide free yoga classes and wellness activities to those in need.

DONATION MODEL: All of our classes are donation based. Most of the classes will have a suggested donation but we don't want to exclude anyone from the community. We all know that during the hardest times in our lives, is when we need wellness most. 

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