About Our Classes: We offer private, corporate and special event classes for all levels. Our Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase energy and do something fun to break up the day. Yoga can offer a great break from the monotony of the work day while relieving stress. 


"Dasha's lessons are the best! I have attended both her classes and privates. They have been extremely rewarding and inspirational. Her inimitable enthusiasm and energy make for fun, active and varied classes. Her broad depth of knowledge and experience has allowed me to quickly progress to the point where I can practice safely and enjoyably, gaining the maximum value from my practice. THANK YOU DASHA!" - Charles Smith

"I’ve love taking private lessons with Dasha! She makes the space very warm and inviting and leads me through a wonderful practice. I appreciate how she teaches me new ways to get in and out of a pose and challenges me to face my fears and try new things. She’s also really cognizant of what my body needs and any injuries I may be working through to help me make adjustments as needed. I always leave her having had a good sweat, learning something new and loving my yoga practice even more. Private instruction with Dasha is a wonderful gift to give yourself to get that personal attention and improve your practice. I highly recommend her! " - Katie Kinney

"I absolutely love Dasha's classes She makes everyone feel immediately welcome and comfortable with her positive, approachable and encouraging attitude. This aura is extended to each of us in the class, showing genuine interest in our development. She knows exactly when to give you that gentle push to achieve the posture and at the same time advising you to listen to your body. She challenges you but is also very supportive and encouraging. I get total fulfilment from each class – they leave you feeling physically and mentally stronger, and so relaxed. Followed by a great night’s sleep! She gives individual attention to every member and ensures each class is different and enjoyable. I highly recommend Dasha to anyone who is looking to achieve a healthy balance in life both mentally and physically." - Ana Stjepanovic